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Living Greener

There are several reasons for going green or living greener:

  • Reduce the use of natural resources so they will be there for future resources
  • Reduce household chemicals and contaminants in your home
  • Save money by making your own green cleaning products
    and lowering water and utility bills
  • Invest in green or socially responsible investments
  • Reduce waste by buying less and recycling
  • Teach your children about sustainability and living greener

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Ivy Brick CoverIvy & Brick is an innovative magazine focusing on sustainable living that was created by UGA Grady College journalism students in cooperation with The University of Georgia College of Family and Consumer Sciences Cooperative Extension. The magazine provides information for environmentally conscious readers interested in food, golf, music, tiny houses, etc. Ivy & Brick offers accurate information while promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

Tip of the Week

If your kids are bored this summer and need some indoor activities, the EPA provides a safe website full of environmentally educational games, quizzes, and other cool stuff. Enjoy!


Rethink Waste

Tips and links on how to create a closed loop system for materials in your life.
Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle

Living Healthy & Green

Learn more about environmentally-conscious alternatives.
Clean Healthy. Clean Green.

Resource Conservation

Guide to lowering resource use, through efficient use of natural resources.
Conserve Energy

Saving Green. Investing Green.

Ideas on how to save and invest your money while helping the planet.
Saving o' the Green

Generation Green

Engaging tomorrow's leaders in environmental issues.
generation green


Don't be deceived by false advertising. Learn how to make environmentally responsible choices.

Road to a Greener Neighborhood

Green neighborhoods start by building relationships.
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