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A Clean and Safe Kitchen- Staying Healthy

More Information · Print 1 on: FDN letterhead (apple paper) · 2 pages · 2013

Be Food Safe

More Information · 2 pages · 2013

Dangers of Raw, Unpasteurized Milk & Cheeses

More Information · 2 pages · 2013

Is It Okay to Eat Fish?

More Information · Print 1 on: FDN letterhead (apple paper) · 3 pages · 2005

food safety, senior lessons, seniors, fish, seafood, seafood safety

Mailing Food Tips

More Information · 2 pages · 2009

Pest Series: Help! Insects Are in My Food!

More Information · Español · 2 pages · 2004

This publication gives four simple steps for you to follow and keep pests out of your food.

Safe Holiday Buffets

More Information · 2 pages · 2013

Safe Holiday Turkey

More Information · 2 pages · 2012

Consumer's Guide

Food Safety and Security

More Information · 3 pages · 2005

This publication focuses on the challenge of food safety and security in a global market. It discusses the role of federal agencies that help to keep food safe, how the food industry keeps food safe and what consumers can do to keep food safe. It discusses how to plan for food and water in emergencies.

Food Storage for Safety and Quality

More Information · 16 pages · 2011

Recommendations for storing food at home in the cupboard, refrigerator and freezer.

It's School Time...Packing Safe and Nutritious Lunches for School-Age Children

More Information · 2 pages · 2005

Tips for packing lunches, with suggestions for picking out lunch boxes, maintaining food safety and sample menus for taking lunch to school.

Managing Food Allergies

More Information · 3 pages · 2011

Three page factsheet with basic information on food allergens, how to manage food allergies, etc.

Using a Food Thermometer

More Information · 2 pages · 2013

Information on how to know if your meat, poultry, fish and egg dishes have reached a high enough temperature to kill bacteria using a food thermometer. Includes information on how to calibrate a bimetallic stem thermometer and minimum safe cooking temperatures.

Consumer's Guide: Preparing an Emergency Food Supply


Be Prepared, Georgia! Food and Water Safety in Severe Storms and Hurricanes

More Information · 2 pages · 2017




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