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focus on diabetes

This interactive diabetes program on the Family and Consumer Sciences Diabetes web page provides diabetes self-management knowledge and skills about meal planning, medications, physical activity, blood glucose monitoring, prevention of diabetic complications, and the emotional adjustment to diabetes. To access the program go to


After completing these interactive and fun modules, people affected by diabetes will be able to:

  • identify the three main types of diabetes
  • explain the key elements of diabetes management
  • use the diabetes plate method and carbohydrate counting to do basic meal planning
  • take care of themselves to prevent or delay diabetes complications
  • discuss diabetes medication options with their health care providers
  • cope with diabetes more effectively


The nine modules cover key elements of diabetes self-management -

  • What is Diabetes - an overview of the main types of diabetes
  • Diabetes Management - a review of basic diabetes management
  • Healthy Eating - meal planning using the plate method and carbohydrate counting
  • Physical Activity - guidelines on safe ways to increase activity
  • Diabetes Medications - review of current diabetes medications
  • High and Low Blood Glucose - information on why blood glucose goes out of target range
  • Monitoring Diabetes - the basics of blood glucose monitoring
  • Diabetes Complications - strategies for preventing or delaying diabetic complications
  • Coping with Diabetes - methods for coping with the emotions associated with diabetes and suggestions for family and friends about providing appropriate support to the person with diabetes

Each lesson features three characters that have diabetes: Conner, a young boy that has Type 1 diabetes; Maria, a pregnant woman that has gestational diabetes; and Olivia, a senior adult that has Type 2 diabetes. The lessons provide information through animations, skill building activities, fact sheets and interactive questions and answer sessions.

Most lessons take approximately 30 minutes to complete. The users can go at their own pace through the lessons and can choose the topics in any order that they preferred.

Basic ability to use a computer mouse is all that is required (drag, drop and point.) A tutorial is included to familiarize the user with the basic components of the lessons. Being connected to the internet is required to download some of the fact sheets and to view the video that introduces the lessons.

Contact Connie Crawley with any questions about the curriculum at or 706-542-3773




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