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What are the M, P, Q, T, and V drives?

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Last updated: 07 Jan, 2013
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Posted: 31 May, 2007
Updated: 07 Jan, 2013
by: Toomey M.

There are 5 special network areas for file storage, backup, or sharing. Users with FACS network accounts running Windows will see these as the M, P, Q, T, and V drives, depending on what department you are in or class you're taking.

*NOTE* The V Drive is only available to the students and faculty of the Furnishings and Interiors class.

The Home Directory or M drive is for personal file storage, is backed up to tape daily, and has a quota of 1000 Megabytes (1 Gigabyte).

hestia-m gif

The P drive is useful for working on files that are associated with your department, is backed up to tape daily, and each departmental area has a 10 Gigabyte quota.  Your P drive will not show the Departmental folders, but rather the contents of files and folder in your Department. If you need to have folders created in your P drive for collaboration purposes, ask your Office Manager or send a request to helpdesk@fcs.uga.edu

The Extension server is seen as the Q drive, available to Cooperative Extension personnel and is backed up daily.

The Temporary storage area is seen as the T drive, is not backed up to tape, and has a quota of 10 Gigabytes. Also, the contents of the T: drive are deleted every Sunday night.

It may help to remember the drives if you think of HoMe, DePartmental, and Temporary.

For the Q: drive, you'll have to create your own mnemonic.


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