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The Office of Technology and Instructional Services provides support for all computer and network related functions in the College of Family & Consumer Sciences. Below is a knowledgebase with frequently asked questions. For direct assistance, please contact us using one of the following options:

Address: 200 Dawson Hall (M-F, 8-5)
Phone Number: 542-4864
Email: helpdesk@fcs.uga.edu

Frequently Asked Questions - OTIS
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document How do I look up my computer's IP address?
Click on the Start menu and select Run Type in cmd and click the OK button After the command line window...
03 Jun, 2008
document How do I access my computer using Remote Desktop Connection?
Accessing your computer using Remote Desktop Connection Now that you know your computer's IP address and have confirmed it is setup to be accessed,...
03 Jun, 2008
document Why can't I connect to computer using Remote Desktop Connection?
First, verify that your computer is setup so that it can be accessed from another computer: Right click on My Computer and select Properties...
03 Jun, 2008