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The Office of Technology and Instructional Services provides support for all computer and network related functions in the College of Family & Consumer Sciences. Below is a knowledgebase with frequently asked questions. For direct assistance, please contact us using one of the following options:

Address: 200 Dawson Hall (M-F, 8-5)
Phone Number: 542-4864
Email: helpdesk@fcs.uga.edu

Frequently Asked Questions - OTIS
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document What is iFolder?
Novell iFolder is the new Net services software solution that allows your files to automatically follow you everywhere - online, offline, all the...
12 Jun, 2007
document How do I install iFolder?
First, your account needs to be enabled to use iFolder by a network administrator.  Please login to the personnel management system and,...
10 Jul, 2008
document How can I have my Firefox Bookmarks synchronize using iFolder?
These instructions will explain how to setup your bookmarks.html file in iFolder so that you can synchronize it between your various iFolder client...
09 Sep, 2008
document How can I have my Internet Explorer Favorites synchronize using iFolder?
There are two steps to setting up your Internet Explorer Favorites to be synchronized to iFolder Export your Favorites folder and save it somewhere...
12 Jun, 2007
document How do I access my iFolder Files via my Web Browser?
Point your browser to https://bishop.fcs.uga.edu/iFo lder/applet/java.htm Your browser might warn you that you are going to a Secure site and if...
12 Jun, 2007